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Buying a condo in Thailand

  Non-Thai citizens can buy absolute freehold-onwership of condominiums in Thailand. It is important to follow correct procedure in the purchase process.
  Funds used to buy the condo must be transferred in the originating currency from outside of Thailand and converted to Thai Baht by the receiving bank. The money-transfer documents must be noted "to buy a condominium" - the receiving bank can issue an "Foreign Enchange Transaction" (FET) form which documents this, showing the condominium buyer as sender and/or receiver of the funds.
  The FET form is required by the Land Department at the time of registration-of-ownership as proof that the funds were transferred in the correct way.
  Buying a condominium in Thailand is quite straightforward, but there are many "i"s to be dotted and "t"s to be crossed. Therefore, it is highly recommended to engage a Thai lawyer to handle the purchase for you.