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Renting a house in Thailand

  Renting a house in Thailand is really quite easy to do. Agreements are commonly made for periods of one or three years, or sometimes for just a few weeks or months.
  Most owners will already have a standard Thai rental contract - those are in common circulation and can even be acquired at office supply shops.
  To rent or lease for longer than 3 years, the contract must be registered at the Land Department. This results in the agreement being documented on the land Title Deed which means that the agreement must be honoured if/when the owner sells the land.
  As renting tenants, lessees are bound by commonplace legal obligations to pay the rent on time, protect the property, keep it clean, avoid storing dangerous substances - that kind of thing.
  Most lessors are happy to have a well-behaved tenant and will not cause undue difficulties. If lessees have any unusual or unorthodox intentions for use of the property, these should be documented and agreed in the contract.