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  Selling your own property in Thailand is quite easy to do and can save significant sums of money - you just have to find a buyer, agree on the price and payment method, and go to the Land Department office.
  Of course, if there is something amiss with the property's status - a lien like a registered loan or a sitting tenant under a lease agreement, then there is more to do and you may need the legal help of a lawyer to set things in order, but also Land Office staff can be very helpful in such cases.
  Estate-agents can be helpful too in preparing a property's legal matters for sale, but this can be rather expensive, especially if they too need to use their lawyers.
  It is certainly best practise to have everything in order before you try to sell - it's easy to scare buyers away! When you are ready to sell ...
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Buy a property from the owner

  Unless you speak perfect Thai and you really know what you are doing - get a lawyer!
  To buy a property, first one should go to the Land Office with the owner and the Title Deed. Staff there can confirm that the property is available for transfer or inform of any outstanding issues - they will also state the official contract value (not neccessarily the same as the agreed price) and the amount of taxes and stamp-duty to pay.
  Then you need to agree on a transfer date and agree on a payment method. This can be quite tricky - the owner should not sign the property over before payment is guaranteed, and you don't want want to pay before your ownership is guaranteed. Cash? A cashier's cheque? A bank transfer?
  Lawyers have a way of wrapping all of this in a safe, trustworthy process that removes all stress and ensures that the "i"s are dotted and "t"s are crossed and that all required documents are correctly prepared.

Save on Agents' Commissions

  Running a real-estate agency is not inexpensive - offices, staff, cars, advertising, legal and accounting requirements all cost considerable amounts of money.
  Estate agents earn almost all their income from commissions paid to them when properties are sold. Commissions range from 3% to 6 or 7%, sometimes as high as 10%.
  Buyers should expect an expert conveyance service under this model, but there can be many reasons why buyers choose to find a property-lawyer - at additional cost - to conduct their side of the transaction.
  For both buyers and sellers, agents' commissions represent a significant cost increase which can only be justified by excellent services, but it is not always possible for agents to adequately represent a property. Some agents are bound by agreements with property-developers, some properties may be judged unsuitable for an agent's portfolio.
  Everyone is a real-estate agent! Earning commissions on property sales is not the exclusive purview of real-estate agencies - anyone can earn a "finder's fee" by bringing a buyer to a seller. It's a very common practise in Asia that has existed far longer than western-style realtors have. provides a very inexpensive advertising service for houses, condominiums and land parcels for-sale-by-owner in Thailand - a fine solution and excellent alternative when using real-estate agents is not ideal.
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